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'Hosting' refers to the process of actually putting your finished website on an Internet server, allowing people from all over the world to visit. Barrcode hosts site built by ourselves and sites for several other internet companies. The majority of sites don't require a lot of the high-end options and can be hosted for around 250a year.

If your site requires special server resources such as a secure connection for accepting credit card details, you can expect to pay a higher annual hosting fee.

Our basic hosting package includes:
  • 250mb of webspace
  • 100 POP 3 email boxes
  • Unlimited e-mail address forwarding
  • 10GB data transfer per month
    (extra bandwidth charged @ 11p per MB)
  • FTP access to your site
  • Cgi-bin directory with Full CGI support to run your own CGI scripts
  • Full graphical site statistics
  • PHP4 Scripting language support
  • ASP scripting language support
  • MySQL database support.

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