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A Browser is a program that lets you look at and interact with information provided at WebSites. Web browsers use the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http) to make requests of these WebSites throughout the Internet on your behalf. Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer are the two most widely known and used browsers. You cannot look at information on the World Wide Web without a browser. (In other words, if you can look at a WebSite, you are using a browser.)

The "Client" side of a communication refers to the operations managed by your Browser. The "Server" side of the communication refers to the functions or programs running in the computer that is sending your Browser the HTML files for display.

We highly recommend you make sure your Browser supports at least the HTML 3.2 standard. If you are running a less capable browser, you'll miss out on some cool features, or may not even be able to see a page at all. According to our traffic, the most popular browsers are Netscape's Navigator or Communicator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Every Web User has his/her own personal favorite Browser and our industry is certainly filled with speculation and discussion of which one is the best. The folks at Barrcode are no different. Each of us has a personal favorite, but we have pretty much narrowed ours down to Internet Explorer with Navigator close behind.

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