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What is a Web Page ?

A web page is a "screenful" of information. It can be physically many times the length of a A4 sheet of paper, or only a few lines.

Different lengths of page are used for different purposes and in different circumstances. When we speak of a web page in terms of design, we generally consider it to be on average, one screen wide and, typically, 2 A4 pages of content.

Pages can have coloured backgrounds, or textures, so it is possible to carry themes through a multi-page site by the use of colour. Care needs to be taken however, because not all viewers will have the latest high tech equipment capable of seeing more than 216 colours, and in some circumstances, it will be necessary to limit the number of colours to avoid confusion for users. This sort of quality, experience and attention to detail is paramount to the sucessful creation of a profesionaly designed site.


Pages serve different purposes. For example, on a small multi-page website, the first page is likely to be a sort of summary, contents or menu page, from which other pages may be accessed.

If it is a large site, there may be cascading layers of contents pages, or an "image map" of the site on each of the pages, to make navigation around the site easier. A popular choice is to locate navigational controls at the top, bottom and side of the screen as demonstrated by this page.

Some pages will be mostly information, and therefore biased toward text. Others will be a mixture of text and photographs or computer graphics, perhaps even animated.

Usually, pages would have "banner" perhaps incorporating the logo of the organisation at, or toward, the top of the page, and contact details at the foot. 

Page Furniture

Page furniture such as bullet points or lines can improve the layout of your web pages.
They can be used as appropriate for emphasis, or to make it easier for viewers to find what they want.

Most website pages have interactive links that allow users to move from page to page (and even from site to site if you wish) without wasting time having to go through multiple layers of menus like teletext.

Where required, a response form can be provided. This is useful where you want to collect information from your visitors in a standard format. Click here for an example of our website contact form.

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