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Trying to appeal to everyone on the Internet could lead to a confusing site that lacks the right tools or content. You can solve this problem by choosing a specific audience and getting their input, which will contribute to a useful, relevant and successful site.

In the following section, we offer suggestions for targeting an audience and getting their input:

Who is Your Audience?

1 In this preliminary stage, look over your goals to see who was initially suggested as the potential audience.
2 Add as many different groups to this list that you think of.

Then, determine which of these groups you can best serve. For example, are you better equipped to sell to wholesalers or customers?

Get Input

After determining your audience, it's very important to consider their opinions and desires before launching the Site. Try using some of the following suggestions to get their input. Five participants should give you a good consensus.

How and Who to ask
  • Talk with current clients
  • Post an email questionnaire to message boards and chat groups that service potential audience members
  • Put yourself in the shoes of your potential audience, and consider their needs and desires.
What to ask
(Don't forget to record the responses!)
  • Why will they use your site? For example, to get account information, to purchase items, or to check for job listings?
  • What kind of activities or information would they like to find on your Site?
  • What do they like or dislike about similar WebSites?
  • How familiar are they with the Web and using computers?
  • What kind of computer and browser are they using?
These users and personas can help you evaluate your Site as you plan the Content and Structure.

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