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Email can be configured using the following instructions: Outlook Express is available to download here:

To download your mail you must configure your POP3 account following the procedure below...

First you must open Microsoft Outlook Express and click on the Tools option from the menu bar. Now click on the Accounts option within the Tools menu, and select Add, from here you will be asked details about yourself and your company etc.

Once you have entered your Full Name and Email address, you will be presented with a screen for setting up Outlook with your e-mail server.

Make sure your incoming e-mail server is a POP3 server or it will not work correctly. All of the virtual servers we sell come with a Pop3 account.


Next you need to tell Outlook Express about the e-mail servers for sending and receiving e-mails. Simply enter in the Incoming e-mail server field the following:-

Now enter your ISP's outgoing mail server name in the outgoing mail server field:-

Now click on Next to take you to the Mail Logon Screen from here you will be asked for your username and password that we supplied to you when you opened your account with WebFusion. This is to authenticate your identity, so that you can send and receive your e-mails.

Make sure you type both your username and password correctly (including the case of the letters) as you will not be able to retrieve your e-mail otherwise.

Now you need to configure Outlook Express to the correct type of connection that you are currently using on your computer. The options available are

Connect Using a Phoneline
Connect using a LAN
I will establish a Connection Manually

Once you have selected one of these options your are now ready to receive your e-mails on your virtual server.

You should send mail through your ISP's mail server. This server is generally known as your outgoing mail server and usually has a name like

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