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BARRCODE specialises in the design and development of state of the art Web Sites. We at BARRCODE aim to make the most of your presence on the World Wide Web.

A successful web site should be interesting, informative and visually stimulating. With new developments such as Java and Flash we can make your web site come to life. We understand the techniques of preparing graphics and media for your Web site.

We create optimised graphics that look their best and load quickly over the Internet, All the time we are thinking of ways to push the boundaries of the Internet even further. The Internet is constantly evolving and is starting to change the way we look at doing business. Don't forget every part of a web page is editable so the sky is the limit.

While clients are drawn by our technical expertise, our real value lies in our staffs expereince and capacity to use that experience to produce quality products again and again. By integrating our expertise with the resources, tools and operational capabilities from across our own organisation as well as through our network of alliance partners, we are producing a standard of quality that exceed our clients expectations.

It is a deliberate policy of BARRCODE not to grow into a large company, but to provide clients with a service which is able to 'plug into' the most professional services as, and only when, their clients need them. This has proved a successful soloution both for BARRCODE and a small but highly select group of clients.

Minimising overheads and containing unnecessary expenditure means that more of your budget can go into putting more sales messaging in front of your target audiences.

So why not check out our SERVICES page to see just a small selection of what is available

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